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Bearcat QHSE Training LLC Podcast for the week on July 25th 2022

July 25, 2022 David
Bearcat QHSE Training LLC
Bearcat QHSE Training LLC Podcast for the week on July 25th 2022
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Welcome to  BearCat QHC weekly podcast


so today I want to start with some basic acronyms word definitions of the quality health safety environmental field so there's your first one QQ stands for quality health safety and environmental


and those are common one that is very transferable to your home is personal protective equipment or PPE absolutely vital for keeping you safe when using tools hand tools and power tools


first and first out FIFO or fifo it's a way of managing inventory it's also a good way too keep your food rotating in your refrigerator so you're not grabbing something that's older or leaving something back in there that's going to go to waste 'cause you haven't rotated your food

very similar to the first and first out is first expired first out so maybe you bought 2 gallons of milk at one store and they expired July 1st and then you bought another gallon knowing that you had some recipes that require more milk for the weekend but it expires June 20th so he's going to put the one that expires first closest to the front easier for you to get to so you don't allow it to go bad you go use that first


so those are just a few acronyms or definitions that you'll hear me discuss each week in the weekly podcasts we try touch on quality health safety environmental topics may not have all four on the same podcast but throughout the month you should hit on we should hit on each one


so BearCat QHC training LLC is located in Central Florida we provide training for quality health environmental

this can be operator training for power equipment industrial equipment it's also includes the process for filing certain paperwork within your county or your state as it can be quite complex depending on the type of government agency you're dealing with



so thank you for tuning into this podcast this week podcast you can find us at www.bearcatkcom if there's content you're interested then please let me know I'd be more than happy to cover it thank you have a safe and productive week

Next week we will cover injury and illness prevention

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