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2022 01 03 Bearcat QHSE Training LLC Podcast 007

January 03, 2022 David
Bearcat QHSE Training LLC
2022 01 03 Bearcat QHSE Training LLC Podcast 007
Show Notes

In these weekly Podcasts on Mondays, we will be discussing Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental training and concerns
Welcome to our first podcast of 2022, I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable 2021. 

In last week podcast we on the Quality side of the house we discussed prevention of cross contamination, on the health side of the house we discussed respiratory protection, and at the Safety Desk we hit on time weight averages, and we finished up last weeks podcast with Environmental discussion on secondary containment.

This week on the quality side of the house I lets to talk about HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.)

On to the health side of the house occupational therapy or OT 

On to the safety desk let's talk about ladder safety Ladder safety is covered for the general industry under 1910.23 walking surfaces and ladders

On to the environmental side of the house let's jump into how to report spills and environmental violations. 

I would like to continue to share my appreciation for my Patreon partners and for all those that tune in every week to hear this podcast.  the majority of my listeners from North America but we have regular listeners in Africa and in Asia and I'm very thankful for all of them and I hope this continues to be beneficial to you to tune into I would also like to say that these are short I'm trying to keep them 10 minutes or less just to give you a brief taste of what quality health safety and environmental should be going on in your industry and if you don't know what I'm talking about in these podcasts it's really important for you to find a professional and I would appreciate it if you found me for assistance so that you stay compliant with regulations and most importantly you keep your employees safe thank you so much for listening have an awesome week and I hope you will tune in next week 

My apologies for the AC in the background that is outside the window. 

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